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Paper Management System is used to create a different type of paper sets by using certain set of questions.Paper Mangement System is developed in PHP MySQL.To understand this project we take a small example.


Suppose a question paper consist 20 questions and there are many students who participate in this exam and we have to given same set of questions to each student.It is possible to imitate student with another easily. So Paper management system provide a way to stop this imitating (cheating) between students.

In this situation, we have to shuffle the questions by changing the order of each question and create different sets of paper like A, B, and C.

PMS not only solve the problem of imitating among student but it also creates dynamic exam for different courses and adds different types of questions in exam paper like:

Multiple choice question

True and False question

One word question

Username: admin

Password: admin

To download this project please visit



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