Sliding Puzzle game in C language | Codexking

Hello friends, I am sharing a new project which is based on game programming. The handling of the Sliding Puzzle is simple. It is 3×3 Puzzle game which starts with the mixing of the puzzle pieces with the “Start Button”. You can start with the solving of the puzzle. To rearrange the pieces, just click on a tile to slide it into the empty place.

I really want to say the truth that this puzzle game is developed by my dear friend’s Gourav Gidwani and I am always appreciating Gourav with wholeheartedly. You can restart the slide puzzle at any time. Have fun!

In this project following two special topics of C language are used:

1)            Graphic Programming

2)            Mouse Programming

Graphic Programming: Graphic Programming in C language contains lots of fundamental graphics program like drawing of various geometrical shapes(rectangle, circle eclipse etc), use of mathematical function in drawing curves, coloring an object with different colors and patterns.

Mouse Programming: Mouse can be used in text mode as well as in graphics mode. In mouse programming, you must know how to tell a mouse to do any work. In actual we do not communicate with mouse directly but through the driver provided. We use “Interrupts” to get access to this driver. Each device provided by a computer has a unique port which is a hexadecimal value which is designed to be machine independent enhancing portability of program. We access these ports in our program. Mouse has port 0X33 attached to it.

Requirement to Run This Program

Graphics.h Header File

Graphics.lib library file

Graphics driver (BGI file)

640×480 VGA monitor

conio.h header file

dos.h header file

To download this project please visit to my website


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